7. Europski kamp za mlade u Bad Homburgu

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7. Europski kamp za mlade u Bad Homburgu
Rotary-Club Bad Homburg Kurpark organizira 7. Europski kamp za mlade od 19. do 27. lipnja u Bad Homburgu.

Za sudjelovanje u kampu imat će 20 mladih iz Europe koji će tijekom devet dana sudjelovati u simulaciji POL&IS koja će se baviti europskim politikama i međunarodnom sigurnosti.

Neki od uvjeta koji su potrebni za sudjelovanje je i dobro poznavanje njemačkog jezika, a osobe ne smiju biti mlađe od 16 niti starije od 18 godina.

Detalje o kampu, temama i načinu prijave pronađite u nastavku.


The Rotary-Club Bad Homburg Kurpark will again offer the European Youth Camp next year, to which a total of 20 young people from the twin cities of Bad Homburg and from European countries will be invited to Bad Homburg.

Main topic: The European Ideal, in reality!
Within their nine-days stay in Bad Homburg the young people, coming from many parts of Europe will carry out a joint project together with their peers from Bad Homburg schools during the days on site.
The Youth Camp 2020 will once again focus on a role play on European politics and international security, called POL&IS. It will be conducted by specially trained officers of the German Army who act as head of the simulation. We have been running this game with great success since 2017.
POL&IS meaning Politics and International Security is an interactive role-based simulation, which contains a specific set of rules which refer to political connections. This makes POL&IS easily understandable and perceptible. POL&IS addresses international relations in connection with issues from politics, economy, environment and security in an interactive manner.
More about POL&IS https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/POL%26IS or http://jugendoffizier.eu/unser-angebot/simulation-polis/
In addition to this role play, a number of complementary activities are planned: for example, a joint visit to the Roman fort Saalburg, a climbing park, and a visit to Frankfurt with sightseeing. There will also be comprehensive supervision and supervision in the evenings spent together (sometimes with the host families). Immediately after their arrival, the young people will initially stay with host families, during the role play then together in a youth guesthouse, where overnight supervision is guaranteed.

All expenses, including the travel costs, will be covered by the Rotary Clubs.

The participants should learn or have learned German in their home country in a High school or a comparable educational institution. Knowledge comparable to the reference level GER B1 is expected. Knowledge of English is also an advantage.
An open, interested attitude and a basic interest in European topics as well as personal maturity (minimum age 16 years, maximum age 18 years) are desired.
We would like to primarily invite young people whose parents cannot afford a comparable stay abroad and who have hardly travelled to any European countries.

Suitable and interested young people can apply with the enclosed completed application form, a short Power Point presentation (max. 5 slides) and an individual letter explaining their motivation for participation at jugendcamp2020@gmx.de

The selection of the young people from Europe takes place after reviewing the application documents and a subsequent interview (Skype, WhatsApp).


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